Which is true of babies born in Sparta?

Which is true of babies born in Sparta?

It began in infancy. When a Spartan baby was born, soldiers came to the house and examined it carefully to determine its strength. The baby was bathed in wine rather than water, to see its reaction. If a baby was weak, the Spartans exposed it on the hillside or took it away to become a slave (helot).

Who won barbarians or Rome?

Sack of Rome (410)
The Sack of Rome by the Barbarians in 410 by Joseph-Noël Sylvestre, 1890
Date 24 August 410 AD Location Rome Result Decisive Visigothic Victory
Western Roman Empire Visigoths

What did the Romans call the British?

Britannia Superior

Why did Julius Caesar invade Gaul?

In Caesar’s mind his conquest of Gaul was probably carried out only as a means to his ultimate end. He was acquiring the military manpower, the plunder, and the prestige that he needed to secure a free hand for the prosecution of the task of reorganizing the Roman state and the rest of the Greco-Roman world.

How many Celts did the Romans kill?

Gallic Wars
Casualties and losses
Credibly estimated at 30,000+ killed and 10,000+ wounded Plutarch and Appian: 1,000,000 Celts killed in battle 1,000,000+ Celts captured or enslaved 800 towns destroyed Julius Caesar: 430,000 Germani killed All these figures are considered not credible by Henige

Where did Romans defeat Gauls?


Why was Gaul important to the Romans?

In the end, Gaul proved to be an important repository of Roman culture. Gallic writers long kept the classical Roman literary tradition alive. Many of the amphitheatres, aqueducts, and other Roman works built in Gaul still stand.