Which state has the most job growth?

Which state has the most job growth?

The latest state-by-state job growth data is from December 2020….Here are the 10 states with the largest change in jobs:

  • Washington (1.03%)
  • Idaho (1.03%)
  • Florida (1.03%)
  • Texas (1.03%)
  • Arizona (1.03%)
  • New Mexico (1.02%)
  • South Dakota (1.02%)
  • Alabama (1.02%)

What city has the most job opportunities?

The 5 cities with the largest number of job opportunities for 2021

  1. Columbia, South Carolina. Job opportunity rate: 4.08%
  2. Salt Lake City, Utah. Job opportunity rate: 1.77%
  3. Charleston, South Carolina. Job opportunity rate: 0.98%
  4. South Burlington, Vermont. Job opportunity rate: 0.76%
  5. St. Louis, Missouri.

Where is the best place to work in the USA?

Organizations with at least 1,000 employees were considered for the ranking and management consulting firm Bain & Company was recognized as the best place to work in the U.S. in 2021….

  1. Bain & Company. Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts.
  2. NVIDIA.
  3. In-N-Out Burger.
  4. HubSpot.
  5. McKinsey & Company.
  6. Google.
  7. Delta Air Lines.
  8. lululemon.

What state has the best tech jobs?

There aren’t many surprises in the latest edition of the Milken Institute’s State and Technology Index, with high-tech hotbeds such as Massachusetts, Colorado, California, Maryland, Washington and Utah receiving top-tier status.

What state has the best jobs for programmers?

Here are the best states for Programmers in 2020:

  1. Washington. Total Programmer Jobs:
  2. Virginia. Total Programmer Jobs:
  3. District of Columbia. Total Programmer Jobs:
  4. Oregon. Total Programmer Jobs:
  5. 5. California. Total Programmer Jobs:
  6. North Carolina. Total Programmer Jobs:
  7. Connecticut. Total Programmer Jobs:
  8. West Virginia.