Who broke their foot on Dance Moms?

Who broke their foot on Dance Moms?

Payton seriously injures her ankle moments before the group performance in this clip from Season 4, Episode 3, “Abby Strikes Back”.

Does Peyton Evans still dance?

Peyton Kaye Evans (born February 17, 2009) is a dancer from The Company, SLC in Tooele, Utah. Her mother is Kerri Evans. She remained on the show until the following season, where she and her mother decided to quit.

Is Payton a girl name?

Payton (given name)

Gender Unisex
Word/name English
Meaning “fighting man’s estate”
Other names

How old is Ashton 2021?

Ashton Myler: Quick Facts

Full Name: Ashton Myler
Age: 14 years
Birth Date: January 30, 2006
Horoscope: Aquarius
Birth Place: United States

Where do the Ninja Kidz Live 2021?

Draper, Utah

Are the Ninja Kidz siblings?

She also has siblings named Bryton and Ashton who are part of Ninja Kidz TV. Her father’s name is Shane.

How old are all the Ninja Kidz?

Ninja Kidz TV is a popular YouTube channel with over 6 million subscribers. Features family of 4 kids, Bryton (15) Ashton (13) Paxton (10) and Payton (10).

How old is Brighton from Ninja Kidz?

Bryton Myler was born on 27 February 2004. Bryton Myler is 17 years old.

Is Bryton Myler real?

Bryton Myler is an American child martial artist, gymnast, ‘YouTube’ personality, and an upcoming actor. He began his martial arts and gymnast training at a tender age. When Bryton launched his ‘YouTube’ channel, he had no idea of the business aspects of online content creation.

What is Ninja Kidz number?

Phone Number: 9939 9748.

How old is Peyton from the ninja kids?

And, the ‘Ninja Kidz TV’ YouTube channel has accumulated over 10.3 million subscribers….More Facts of Payton Myler.

Full Name: Payton Myler
Age: 12 years
Horoscope: Virgo
Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Stone: Sapphire

Is Paxton Myler and Payton Myler twins?

He is the twin brother of Payton Myler. He also has siblings named Bryton and Ashton.

Why did Ninja Kidz move to Puerto Rico?

In 2016, my wife Alison and I decided to move our family of six from the tundra of Minnesota to the tropics of Puerto Rico. We wanted to give our kids the chance to experience a different way of life. We said it would be good for them to learn a second language. We believed we were making this move for their sake.

Does Peyton have a twin?

Spencer List is the twin brother of Peyton List who plays Emma Ross on BUNK’D.

Why did Peyton go to Tennessee?

I wanted football to work out but I wanted to come here and get a great education and play college football and I got to do that beyond what I thought was possible. Being able to play 45 games and play in this incredible stadium, it was really above what I thought was possible.”

Does everleigh have a twin sister?

She is the older cousin of twin actresses Oakley Fisher & Taytum Fisher. Best friends with child actress Ava Foley. She has a younger sister name Posie.

How much is Ashley Manning worth?

What is Ashley Manning’s Net Worth? Ashley Manning has an estimated net worth of $20 million. She owns her own real estate company and is a successful real estate developer.