Who died in Trojan War?

Who died in Trojan War?

epic about the last few weeks of the Trojan War, is full of death. Two hundred forty battlefield deaths are described in The Iliad, 188 Trojans, and 52 Greeks.

Why did Ajax kill himself?

After the death of Achilles, the Greeks organized funeral games, after which a dispute arose between Odysseus and Ajax over who would own the champion’s divine armour. This drove Ajax mad with rage. In his bloodlust, he killed the cattle of the Greeks. Regaining his senses, Ajax was so ashamed that he killed himself.

Is Diomedes a God?

Diomedes or Diomed (Ancient Greek: ΔιομήδηςDiomēdēs “”God-like cunning” or “advised by Zeus””) is a hero in Greek mythology, known for his participation in the Trojan War. He was born to Tydeus and Deipyle and later became King of Argos, succeeding his maternal grandfather, Adrastus.

Why is Diomedes a hero?

Diomedes received the most direct divine help and protection. He was the favorite warrior of Athena (who even drove his chariot once). He was also the only hero except Heracles, son of Zeus, that attacked—and even wounded—Olympian gods (most notably Ares, whom he struck with his spear).

Who kills Diomedes?

slaughter of Rhesus

Is Menelaus a hero?

Gods/Heroes Menelaus was the King of Sparta during the Trojan War and Helen was his Queen and would be ‘the face that launched a thousand ships’. Menelaus and Helen became Pan-Hellenic heroes through the distribution of Homer’s Iliad.

Who would win in a fight between Achilles and Hercules?

Hercules is arguably the stronger of the two, as no other person would have been able to overcome the 12 labors, however Achilles significance in the Trojan War cannot be understated and he was believed to have had one of the key roles in the final Greek victory.

Who caused the Trojan War?

According to the ancient Greek epic poet Homer, the Trojan War was caused by Paris, son of the Trojan king, and Helen, wife of the Greek king Menelaus, when they went off together to Troy. To get her back, Menelaus sought help from his brother Agamemnon, who assembled a Greek army to defeat Troy.

Who planned the wooden horse trick?


Who stole Achilles armor?