Who gave name Bapu to Gandhi?

Who gave name Bapu to Gandhi?

Subhas Chandra Bose

What is the name of Gandhiji’s wife?

Kasturba Gandhim. 1883–1944

How many Gandhis are there?

There are estimated to be 120 living relatives of Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi.

Who is the son of Gandhiji?

Harilal Gandhi

Where is Gandhi’s children now?

Gandhi lives in Mumbai with his wife, Sonal Desai and two children, a son Vivan Gandhi and daughter Kasturi Gandhi. Kasturi was so named after Kasturba Gandhi. Tushar Gandhi is best known for having established in 1998 in Vadodara, Gujarat the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation.

Who gave gun to Nathuram Godse?

One book in particular by Manohar Malgaonkar, the author writes the pistol travelled from Ethiopia to Gwalior infantry. The chargesheet mentioned that Godse reached Gwalior by train, where he obtained the pistol with the help of Dr Dattatraya Parchure, Gangdhar Dandvate, Gangadhar Jadhao and Suryadeo Sharma.

Who is the youngest son of Mahatma Gandhi?

Devdas Mohandas Gandhi

What is the name of parents of Mahatma Gandhi?

Putlibai Gandhi

What happened to Gandhi’s killer?

Nathuram Vinayak Godse (19 May 1910 – 15 November 1949) was the assassin of Mahatma Gandhi, who shot Gandhi in the chest three times at point blank range in New Delhi on 30 January 1948. Godse was hanged in the Ambala Central Jail on 15 November 1949. …

How was Mahatma Gandhi killed?

January 30, 1948, New Delhi, India

When did Mahatma Gandhi die?


Why is Mahatma Gandhi a great leader?

Mahatma Gandhi is one of the greatest leaders of all time. He is the father of a nation and led the Indian civil rights movement that freed India from British rule. He was able to unite India under one leader by leading through his own example. …

Who is the powerful king in India?

1. Emperor Akbar. Emperor Akbar was from the Mughal empire and was one of the greatest monarchs in the history of India. He was born in 1542 to Mughal emperor Humayun and Hamida Banu Begum.