Who is smarter shikamaru or senku?

Who is smarter shikamaru or senku?

We know that Senku is a genius in science, but it’s unclear if he has knowledge about other sectors. Shikamaru is a genius in other sectors, like shogi. If we compare their general knowledge, Shikamaru may come out as the winner. Senku may have a higher IQ than Shikamaru since Senku’s IQ is never mentioned.

How old is senku now?

Senku Ishigami is an 18-year-old male and the main protagonist of the story.

Does senku marry Ruri?

Senku immediately married Ruri, who blushed at his quick acceptance. She is shocked they divorced almost immediately afterward but her sister assures her its his way to discover her illness.

Who is senku girlfriend?

She became extremely sick around her 18th birthday. While Kohaku managed to sustain her life using hot water, it still did not ultimately hinder the illness’s progress. Senku married Ruri to cure her illness after winning the Village tournament.

Will Dr Stone have a Season 2?

Dr. Stone’s second season, titled Dr. Stone: Stone Wars, aired from January 14 to March 25, 2021. It focused on the story of the “Stone Wars” arc from the manga series. The season is streamed by Crunchyroll worldwide outside of Asia, and Funimation is currently producing a simuldub.

Will there be a season 3 of Dr Stone?

Following the finale of season 2 of Dr Stone, the anime series official social media pages put out a trailer announcing season 3, expected to release in 2022.

Does senku win the Stone Wars?

For now, let’s discuss who wins the Stone Wars? Senku wins the Stone Wars with his sheer wit and determination. He and Tsukasa call a truce to the battle with specific terms and conditions wherein Senku will revive Tsukasa’s little sister. In return, Tsukasa and his army will stop attacking the Kingdom of Science.

Does senku die?

Refusing to abandon science, Senku prepares to die at Tsukasa’s hands. With Senku seemingly killed after Tsukasa delivers a fatal blow to his neck, Taiju and Yuzuriha use his gunpowder to set off an explosion around Tsukasa, allowing them to escape.

How smart is senku?

Genius Intelligence: Senku Ishigami is a genius with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things scientific. He is well versed in chemistry, physics, engineering, geology, biology and mathematics. Tsukasa calls him “the sharpest, most intelligent man in the world”.

Does senku make guns?

It’s quite surprising how and why Senku hasn’t thought of this one yet. His village is in a perfectly defensible position and Tsukasa’s hellbent on maintaining the stone age status so they’re not using guns or technology but physical gifts to defeat the other side. That means their abilities can only take them so far.

Why did senku not die?

In what is one of the more interesting parts of the series, the protagonist however survives, thanks to the petrication, which could be considered a blessing in disguise to humanity. To answer the question in short; Senku survived being killed by Tsukasa, due to the small petrified part on the back of his neck.