Who is the only coach to win both a Super Bowl and a Rose Bowl?

Who is the only coach to win both a Super Bowl and a Rose Bowl?

Dick Vermeil

Who has the best coaching record?

Bill Belichick has the most wins and the most regular-season wins among active head coaches and holds the record for most playoff wins at 31….Coaches with most regular-season wins.

Rank Coach Wins
1 ^ Don Shula 328
2 ^ George Halas 318
3 * Bill Belichick 280
4 ^ Tom Landry 250

Who’s the winningest coach in NFL?

Bill Belichick — 9 Belichick has 311 victories between the regular season and postseason, third behind Shula (347) and Halas (324). His 17 division titles are the most by a head coach in NFL history. Shula and Landry each have 13 division titles.

Who is the losingest coach in NFL history?

Sean Payton

Who is the most winningest coach in NBA history?

Interpreted as:

Pat Riley 1904 1,210
George Karl 1999 1,175
Phil Jackson 1640 1,155
Larry Brown 2002 1,098

What NBA coach has the most championship rings?

head coach Phil Jackson

Which NBA team has had the most coaches?

Larry Brown has coached 9 different teams, the highest number of teams coached among the head coaches. Former Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers head coach Phil Jackson won 11 NBA championships, the most in NBA history. He is the only coach who has won multiple championships with multiple teams.

Who played the most playoff minutes in his career?

LeBron James

Who has the most minutes in NBA history?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

What NBA player has played the most minutes in a game?

Dale Ellis

Who has the most minutes per game in the NBA?

Wilt Chamberlain

Who averaged the most minutes in the NBA 2020?


P Player Avg.
1. Julius Randle NYK 37.56
2. Fred VanVleet TOR 36.51
3. Russell Westbrook WAS 36.44
4. Harrison Barnes SAC 36.25

How many minutes does the average NBA player play per game?


Who plays the least amount of minutes in the NBA?

Damion James (23.4 Seconds, 2012–13) A fellow graduate of the University of Texas (Hook ’em Horns!), James was part of a spectacular 2006 recruiting class which also included Kevin Durant, D.J. Augustin, and Dexter Pittman, all of whom would make the NBA.

Who is the least known basketball player?

The shortest player ever in the old American Basketball Association (1967–76) was Penny Ann Early, a 5-foot-3-inch (160 cm) jockey who took part in one play in one game for the Kentucky Colonels as a publicity stunt in 1969.