Who is the real prince of jahad?

Who is the real prince of jahad?

Jahad is the real prince. His father is also Jahad, but his father was the King Jahad. jahad is prince jahad, only he granted himself a “King” title in the virtual world that is The tower.

Who is the female lead in Tower of God?


Who is the most beautiful woman in Tower of God?

Favorites Prettiest girl in Tower of God

  • Ha Yuri Zahard. Votes: 16 25.4%
  • Andorssi Zahard. Votes: 7 11.1%
  • Rachel. Votes: 2 3.2%
  • Yeon Yihwa. Votes: 18 28.6%
  • Apple. Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Hwa Ryun. Votes: 18 28.6%
  • Anak Zahard. Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Ho. Votes: 0 0.0%

Is Evan stronger than Yuri?

Personally I’d guess that Evan is higher than Yuri, because the ranking takes a person’s position into account. With this kind of logic Evan would be higher because there are less guides and therefore he has a relatively higher ranking among guides than Yuri has among fishermen.

Why did enryu kill the administrator?

While initially it was unknown why Enryu killed the 43rd Floor Administrator, it was later revealed that he entered the 43rd Floor believing that Zahard had desecrated the Floor that was once Arlen Grace’s land.

Is Evankhell dead?

There are exception I’m sure but just like “Sazon” said, Evankhell is not dead until Hansung witness his death. But then, Hansung is already at the Nest “hiding somewhere”. Remember what Hwaryun said to Baam when those 2 arrived to the Nest before Baam face off against Charlie at the start of this arc.

Is Evan a high ranker?

Evan Edrok (에반 에드록, Ehbahn Edeurok; “Evan Edrok”) is a High Ranker as well the Chief Guide of Zahard Family, which is a unique position in the Tower. He always seems to follow his partner, Ha Yuri Zahard.

Is Karaka male or female?


Title Male flowers
Caption Corynocarpus laevigatus; karaka, male flowers. November 2012.
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Is Baam as strong as a ranker?

The current Bam in the Manwha is very powerful. He’s only C-rank regular but is capable of fighting very powerful High Rankers like when he cut Gado’s leg. He is said to be 10 times more powerful than Charlie who is an elite ranker after overwhelming him in a fight.

Is Karaka stronger than BAM?

Karaka is stronger, more experienced and skilled. While bam is a threat he’s nothing fatal. If the fought 9/10 time karaka wins.

Does BAM become strong?

He definitely will become stronger, probably one of the strongest regulars at the moment…he has a long way to go, but he will definitely become one of the strongest if not the strongest being in the tower. Think of baam at the start as a droplet of water.

Why does Karaka wear a mask?

According to SIU, Karaka chooses to wear a mask because he’s ticked off at Ha Jinsung. SIU planned for Karaka to appear without a mask but, because there were a lot of new faces at that time of the story, he decided to make him wear a mask in order for him to look more mysterious.

Is UREK stronger than jahad?

Urek has been acknowledged as stronger by Arie Hon, the head of the family Arie and the strongest of the 10 great warriors that accompanied Jahad on his climb.

Can Zahard kill a guardian?

It’s very unlikely that Zahard can beat a Guardian, since it was thought to be impossible until Enryu did so. A Guardian could theoretically just prevent Zahard from using shinsoo, like the Red Thryssa did to Urek. Winning the fight from that point on would be child’s play. No he can’t.

Who can beat jahad?

Furthermore the 10 Great Family Leaders are also bound by the contract of immortality so Jahad can’t kill them and they can’t kill Jahad nor each other. The only other beings capable of killing Jahad is Arlene Grace, the Administrators (Guardians), Enryu and Phantaminum.

Who is stronger than Zahard?

Urek Mazino

How strong is Zahard?

Immense Strength: Even while nowhere near full power in the Hidden Floor, Zahard was easily strong enough to choke Baam nonchalantly one-handed, nearly killing him, and was able to firmly keep him in his grip even when a spatial control skill activated to take Baam out until Eduan erased his hand.

Is Bam stronger than Zahard?

Baam seems far weaker than any other (known) Irregular that has entered the Tower so even when he makes it to the top he’d still be below Zahard. 2. If Baam was to become stronger than Zahard, he would be by extension stronger than anyone in FUG, meaning that it would be impossible to force him to kill the King.

Is enryu stronger than Zahard?

Enryu is ranked higher than Jahad because he is stronger (he killed the Guardian after all).

Why did enryu not kill jahad?

So why didn’t he kill Jahad instead of leaving the Thorn fragments for Bam? He is apparently the messenger of a god, so if his duty is not to kill, he will not kill.

Is Endorsi in love with BAM?

It is seen by the fandom as the most likely ship to become canon, seeing as Endorsi has already shown signs of a crush on Bam in the manhwa. The ship became popular when many fans started recognizing Endorsi as “best girl” and shipping her with Bam as a result.

Who killed enryu?

When GOG remembering Jahad. He stated that Jahad was good guy, but something changed him after he left train. I think that “something” is 43th floor guardian. Maybe he forces irregullars to have some special contract, but Enryu didn’t like it, so he fight with guardian and kills him.