Who passed away in 2013?

Who passed away in 2013?

Celebrity Deaths 2013

Patti Page January 01 Ned Wertimer January 08 Lou Meyers February 19
Roger Ebert April 04 Margaret Thatcher April 08 Dr Joyce Brothers April 19
James Gandoifini June 19 Cory Monteith July 13 Karen Black August 08
Marcia Wallace October 25 Jane Kean November 26 Joan Fontaine December 16

What celebrities passed away in 2013?

  • Henry Bromell (Age 65) Getty/Frederick M.
  • Richard Griffiths (Age 65) Getty/Ian Gavan.
  • Jane Henson (Age 78) Getty/Mark Wilson.
  • Roger Ebert (Age 70) Associated Press.
  • Carmine Infantino (Age 87) DC Comics Wikia.
  • Jeanne Cooper (Age 84) Associated Press.
  • James Gandolfini (Age 51) Kevin Winter/Getty Images.
  • Cory Monteith (Age 31)

Who died December 2013?

Barry Jackson, 75, English actor (Doctor Who, Wimbledon, Midsomer Murders). John Alan Lee, 80, Canadian writer, academic and political activist, suicide. Nelson Mandela, 95, South African anti-apartheid activist and politician, President (1994–1999), lung infection. Tim Marcum, 69, American football coach.

Who died in February 2014?

Benny Carter, 70, American contemporary visual artist. Eduardo Coutinho, 80, Brazilian film director, stabbed. Cecil Franks, 78, British politician, MP for Barrow and Furness (1983–1992). Philip Seymour Hoffman, 46, American actor (Capote, Magnolia, Doubt), Oscar winner (2006), acute mixed drug intoxication.

Did anyone famous died in 2011?

Celebs who died in 2011 include Amy Winehouse, Elizabeth Taylor, Steve Jobs, Ryan Dunn, Randy Savage, and more.

How much was Sean Connery worth?

Scottish actor Sean Connery had a net worth of $350 million dollars at the time of his death, in 2020. Connery played James Bond from 1962 and 1983, he was the first actor to portray the British secret agent on screen.

Who is Sean connerys wife?

Micheline Roquebrunem. 1975–2020

What happened to Diane Cilento?

Death. Cilento died of cancer at Cairns Base Hospital on 6 October 2011. A collection of items from her estate was donated to the Queensland University of Technology and is housed in the library.