Who said an ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure?

Who said an ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure?

Steel Magnolias

What is the climax of an ounce of cure?

Climax:While she was babysitting she decides to drink the alcohol she finds in the Berrymans kitchen. Drinking so much to try and wipe away her broken heart. She ends up vomiting everywhere. Soon after her incident the Berrymans show up right in the middle of it, and fire her on the spot.

When was an ounce of cure published?


Why didn’t the narrator go to the spring dance at the high school besides her mourning over Martin )?

e. Why didn’t the narrator go to the Spring Dance at the High School (besides her mourning over Martin)? Her parents didn’t allow her to attend dances at the school because of their strict ways.

What were the short stories published by Munro?

25 Alice Munro Stories You Can Read Online Right Now

  • “Boys and Girls,” 1968.
  • “Queenie,” London Review of Books, 1998.
  • “The Bear Came Over the Mountain,” The New Yorker, 1999.
  • “What Is Remembered,” The New Yorker, 2001.
  • “Runaway,” The New Yorker, 2003.
  • “Passion,” The New Yorker, 2004.
  • “Chance,” The New Yorker, 2004.
  • “Soon,” The New Yorker, 2004.

What does Alice Munro write about?

Like much of her fiction, the tales capture the social and cultural milieu of her native southwestern Ontario. Munro embraced the mystery, intimacy, and tension of the ordinary lives of both men and women, rooted in the uncharted and ambivalent landscape of what affectionately came to be known as “Munro country.”

What is Alice Munros writing style?

Munro’s fiction writing style is realistic and free of mawkishness. By a close reading of the collection of her short stories, one may notice how her writing style frequently displays autobiographical, historical, gothic, and regional features (Murphy, 2009).

What genre is Alice Munro?

Alice Munro
Language English
Alma mater The University of Western Ontario
Genre Short stories, Realism, Southern Ontario Gothic
Notable awards Governor General’s Award (1968, 1978, 1986) Giller Prize (1998, 2004) Man Booker International Prize (2009) Nobel Prize in Literature (2013)

Who wrote away from her?

Sarah Polley

Is the movie away from her on Netflix?

Watch Away from Her on Netflix Today!

What is the name of the movie where the wife has Alzheimer’s?

Away from Her (2006)

Is Alice Munro retired?

Before winning the Nobel Prize in Literature, Canadian short story master Alice Munro announced her retirement in an interview with Mark Medley of Canada’s National Post. “When you’re my age,” Munro said in June, “you don’t wish to be alone as much as a writer has to be.

Why is Alice Munro famous?

Alice Munro is the first Canadian writer to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature since Saul Bellow, who won the honor in 1976. Did You Know? Alice Munro is the first woman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature since Herta Mueller in 2009.

What is the summary of how I met my husband?

The story is about a young girl, Edie, who is hired help for Dr. Peebles and his family. One afternoon while the family is away in town, Edie meets Chris Watters, a pilot who travels from town to town giving rides in his plane for a fee.

What is the theme of how I met my husband?

The theme of this story is under certain circumstances people can sometimes be blind to the truth. The main character, Edie, provides the narration of the story from a first person point of view. She tells her story based on an event from her past.

What is the point of view in how I met my husband?

“How I Met My Husband” is narrated in first person point of view by the character Edie. Through Edie’s narration of the story, situational irony is created, discussed in my previous blog entry.

How did I meet my husband of coming of age?

“How I Met my Husband” is a wonderful “coming-of-age” story by Alice Munro about a young girl whose heart is broken by a dashing young pilot who is part of a visiting show. She learns, very painfully, that Chris, the pilot, is not who he seems and that he has lied to her.

Who is the protagonist in how I met my husband?


Who are the characters in How I Met My Husband?


  • Alice Kelling—fiancée of Chris Watters.
  • Chris Watters—a pilot who intends to sell rides on his airplane while living in a tent at the fairgrounds.
  • Edie—a fifteen-year-old who works for the Peebles.
  • Joey and Heather Peebles—the Peebles’ two children.
  • Loretta Bird—a working-class neighbor.
  • Dr.
  • Mrs.

How do I met my husband suspense?

Chris first appearing created suspense because Edie thinks she is alone in the house and the reader doesn’t know what kind of a person Chris is yet. Alice coming to town was a twist in the story. The reader was expecting the husband to be Chris the entire story so changing up the ending definitely created suspense.

How I Met My Husband Is Edie a sympathetic character?

In Alice Munro’s “How I Met My Husband”, Edie is described and shown as a sympathetic character. She is the hired girl for the Peebles’ family and this creates some sympathy from the reader. This scene distinctly shows Edie’s naivety and evokes sympathy for her from the reader.

What is the conflict in how I met my husband?

The main conflict in the story is Edie versus society. She is in awe of the life she lives being the “hired girl” for the Peebles (129).

What is the setting of how I met my husband?

Setting. The story takes place in the country, about five miles outside an unidentified town, soon after the end of World War II. Critics assume the locale is Ontario, Canada, but nothing in the story explicitly indicates that.

Is Edie a sympathetic character How does her status as the hired girl affect the way you respond to her as a reader how do you think the story would be different if Edie were the Peebles daughter?

She is the hired girl, the one who does not enjoy a great many doors having been opened in life. She is not from a position of wealth and privilege. The reader feels sympathy for Edie because of the chance that she, too, can find happiness.

Who is Alice Kelling?

Alice Kelling is the fiancee of Chris Watters. She lives in self-deception and tries to force Chris to marry her. She is against Edie, making her the antagonist. Chris Watters is a pilot who intends to sell rides on his airplane while living in a tent on the fairgrounds.