Who was Lycurgus and what did he do?

Who was Lycurgus and what did he do?

Lycurgus, (flourished 7th century bc?), traditionally, the lawgiver who founded most of the institutions of ancient Sparta. Scholars have been unable to determine conclusively whether Lycurgus was a historical person and, if he did exist, which institutions should be attributed to him.

What was the first and most important element in lycurgus Constitution?

6 Among the many innovations which Lycurgus made, the first and most important was his institution of a senate, or Council of Elders, which, as Plato says,​6 by being blended with the “feverish” government of the kings, and by having an equal vote with them in matters of the highest importance, p221 brought safety and …

Why was the great Rhetra important?

Whatever the origins of the Great Rhetra, it is significant because it was the foundation of the Spartan constitution that appointed two kings instead of one and limited their power and the Great Rhetra was especially concerned with the establishment of the Gerousia.

What were the laws of Lycurgus?

In fact, Lycurgus’ laws required that all Spartans eat together at pot-lucks in public mess halls; the rich and the poor eating the same, And if anyone did not like what was on the table, they could bring their own meal provided only that they also fed everybody else.

What was the rider in Sparta?

There was another oracle called the “Rider” (in your text) and the “supplement” (in the Penguin edition), which limited the power of the assembly. What part of the Spartan political system existed before the Great Rhetra? The two kings.

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