Who was the youngest pope ever?

Who was the youngest pope ever?

Pope Benedict IX

Is there a black saint?

Saint Moses the Black, of Egypt. Saints Nabor and Felix, of Morocco. Saints Nemesian and companions, of Algeria.

Who is the first black saint?

Augustine Tolton was born into slavery in Missouri in 1854, escaped to freedom as a child during the chaos of the Civil War, and later became the first African-American priest in the Roman Catholic Church. This week, he took the first step toward becoming the church’s first African-American saint.

Who was the most evil saint?

“Saint Benedict of Norcia, Patron of Poison Sufferers, Monks, And Many More”.

Who is the oldest saint in the world?

Chronological list of saints in the 1st century

Name Birthplace Death
Pope Clement I Rome 100
John the Apostle Bethsaida, Galilee 100
Nereus, Achilleus and Domitilla 100
Prosdocimus Antioch, Asia Minor 100

What is the black saint called?

Saint Benedict the Moor O.F.M.

Who was the youngest saint to die?

Maria Teresa Goretti (Italian: [maˈriːa teˈrɛːza ɡoˈretti]; October 16, 1890 – July 6, 1902) is an Italian virgin-martyr of the Catholic Church, and one of the youngest saints to be canonized….Maria Goretti.

Saint Maria Goretti
Died July 6, 1902 (aged 11) Nettuno, Province of Rome, Lazio, Kingdom of Italy
Venerated in Catholic Church

Who was the youngest martyr?

Saint Kizito
Born 1872 Buganda, Uganda
Died June 3, 1886 (aged 13–14) Namugongo, Uganda
Venerated in Catholic Church