Why did Tituba confess she was a witch?

Why did Tituba confess she was a witch?

Tituba confesses because she realizes that it’s a lot easier to put the blame on other people, and the only way she can avoid being hanged is to confess to witchcraft. Tituba says that the devil wanted her to kill Parris multiple times, but that she kept on refusing, even when the devil promised her return to Barbados.

Why does Betty confess?

If we can believe that there is any possibility that Betty does not intend to hurt others, then it seems possible that she is simply looking for a way to feel better herself, and making accusations is one way to do that because Reverend Hale has promised Tituba that the town will glorify her for helping to cleanse it …

What does Mrs Putnam blame on witchcraft?

Putnam declares that witchcraft is to blame for the loss of his seven infant children, and Mrs. Putnam becomes hostile to Rebecca. She is suspicious because Rebecca has not lost any of her children. Proctor criticizes Parris for preaching about money rather than God.

What does John do with his confession?

After having signed, then ripped up his confession, John Proctor declares that he cannot throw away his good name in a lie, even though doing so would save his life. He chooses to die. As John is led away to his execution, Rev.

Why does Elizabeth ask John to forgive?

What does Elizabeth ask John to forgive her for? Being suspicious and keeping a “cold house”.

Why does Elizabeth beg John to confess?

Elizabeth initially wants John to go to Salem so he can testify that Abigail told him Betty’s illness had nothing to do with witchcraft. When Elizabeth finds out from Mary that she was accused in court, however, she decides she wants John to speak with Abigail directly.

Why do the girls repeat Mary Warren?

Why do the girls repeat Mary’s words? The girls repeat her words because Marys “Spirit” has entered them and they have been “bewitched”, This also says that the trial can easily be faked.

Why does Mary Warren rejoin the girls?

Why does Mary Warren recant her confession and rejoin Abigail and the other girls? Because Abby was pretending to be attacked by Mary’s spirit in the form of a bird.

Why do the girls mimic Mary’s dialogue?

Why do the other girls mimic Mary’s dialogue? Her and the other girls pretend to see a bird so the rest of the people in the room think they are witches. Them claiming to see the bird is a warning to Mary that they will accuse her of witchcraft if she keeps telling the truth.

Why does Elizabeth lie about John’s lechery?

Elizabeth assumed that she was doing good by, ironically, lying to the court. She most probably believed that the accusation of lechery had been brought by Abigail and that she would clear his name if she lied. Furthermore, she wished to present an image of a loyal husband and father who was righteous.

Why can’t Mary faint when asked by the court?

She says that in the courtroom, all of the girls were screaming, going into hysterics, and that the judges believed them, and she just got caught up in the drama, and that is what heightened her emotions and enabled her to faint there.

Why does Elizabeth lie in court?

In this case, Elizabeth is lying because she does not want to hurt her husband and his good name. She does not want him to get in trouble for what he did. She has, in the past, been very angry at him for cheating on her, but now she seems to have forgiven him. That is why she lies and he tells the truth.

What is ironic about Elizabeth’s lie?

Dramatic Irony: Elizabeth denies that her husband committed adultery to try to protect him but she doesn’t know that he already confessed to it. Then she is taken away because she lied in court and John tells her he had already confessed as she is being taken out. This is ironic because he had an affair with Abigail.

Why does Abigail run away from Salem?

In Act IV of The Crucible, Abigail and Mercy flee because Abigail can no longer have what she wants, John Proctor. Both Abigail and Mercy are afraid of the retribution that will come to Salem in the same way that it came to the town of Andover. They are both afraid for their lives, so they run away.

Who dies in the crucible Act 4?

Everyone leaves the room to allow Elizabeth and Proctor privacy. Elizabeth tells Proctor that almost one hundred people have confessed to witchcraft. She relates that Giles was killed by being pressed to death by large stones, though he never pleaded guilty or not guilty to the charges against him.

Why does Hale come back to Salem in Act IV?

Hale has returned to Salem in Act 4 because he recognizes himself as the original instigator of the ultimately unfounded witch hysteria, and he doesn’t want to end up with the blood of innocent people on his hands (or at least innocent people who are widely respected like Rebecca Nurse and John Proctor).

What is ironic about calling the confessions of witchcraft coming to God?

What is ironic about calling the confessions of witchcraft “coming to God”? The confessions are lies and therefore sins against God. The confessions confirm that sins against God have been committed. The confessions save them from death, thereby postponing their “coming to God.”

What is Mary’s motive in giving the poppet or puppet to Elizabeth?

What is Mary’s motive in giving the “poppet” to Elizabeth? Mary wants to make peace with Elizabeth after disobeying her. When Mary Warren says that the crowd parted for Abigail like the sea for Israel, she makes… …an allusion to the Bible.

How is the result of Elizabeth’s lie about her husband not committing adultery ironic?

How is the result of this sacrifice ironic? Elizabeth sacrifices her truthfulness for her husband. The result of this sacrifice is ironic because John had already confessed to be an adulterer and Elizabeth’s confession would have actually helped her case.

What happened to Tituba and Sarah Good in Act 4?

The Crucible Act IV begins in the Salem jail. Marshall Herrick wakes up Sarah Good and Tituba to move them to a different cell. Sarah and Tituba have been in prison so long that they have come to believe that they are in league with the Devil.

What happened to Tituba at the beginning of Act 4?

At the beginning of Act Four, Tituba and Sarah Good are sitting in their cells when Marshal Herrick arrives holding a lantern. Sarah Good initially believes that Marshal Herrick is the devil, who has finally come to her prison cell to take her home to Barbados with Tituba.

What does Elizabeth mean when she says I have sins of my own to count?

Pause. I have sins of my own to count. It needs a cold wife to prompt lechery.” With that statement, Elizabeth Proctor has turned her accusations inward and justified — in a way — her husband’s decision to stray from the bonds of their marriage.

Why does Giles refuse to confess?

Giles Corey refuses to answer “aye” or “nay” during his indictment as an attempt to protect the well-being of his family. He cannot be sent to the gallows to hang without an answer.

Why won’t Giles answer the charges of witchery?

When he is accused and stands to be executed, he fails to give a response because he does not want to legitimize such a sham of a proceeding. At the same time, he also does not want to say anything and give dignity to something that is so wrong and so immoral.

Why has Giles come back to Salem?

Why has Reverend Hale returned to Salem? He has returned to speak with and pray for those who are in sentenced to hang for witchcraft (Miller 123). He has returned to speak with and pray for those who are in sentenced to hang for witchcraft (Miller 123).

Why did Giles Corey refuse to plead?

There is a strong local tradition Giles Corey refused trial in order to avoid a conviction that would result in the forfeiture of his property to the government. Under English and Massachusetts law, however, conviction could not result in the forfeiture of an estate.