Why is it called a sanitarium?

Why is it called a sanitarium?

The word sanitorium is derived from the Late Latin word sanitorius, which means health-giving. The word sanitarium is derived from the Latin word sanitas, which means health.

What mental disorder does Holden have?

Holden displays many common traits of a person with PTSD following this loss. He has substantial amounts of guilt and depression and struggles to remember the details of events in his life. Holden’s emotions seem to be highly unbalanced.

Why is Holden Caulfield depressed?

His past traumas and current issues have led him to depression. In the beginning, Holden tells readers about the two deaths he experienced. His younger brother, Allie, died of leukemia three years prior, which greatly impacted him emotionally. The entire novel, Holden struggles to come to terms with growing up.

Why did Holden never call Jane?

Salinger shows that Jane is more important as a fantasy figure because Holden’s desire to see her in the present is vastly outweighed by his desire to continue to believe that she is as innocent as she was during their childhood, an thus he decides against calling Jane.

Is The Catcher in the Rye inappropriate?

It’s one of those strange books that is best read while you’re still a teenager. Read it too young and it’s highly inappropriate but wait too long and the main character becomes totally unrelatable.

What movie is like Catcher in the Rye?

The Breakfast Club

Why would Holden’s voice still sound authentic for a teenager?

The fact remains, 70 years later, Holden’s voice in the novel still sounds authentic. His technique of creating distance and length with the reader only serves to bring them closer, as he tells his story we can empathise so clearly with him simply because the average person has been through adolescence.

Why is Catcher in the Rye a great American novel?

It’s the greatest book of its time because it is the one that students read in its entirety. The Catcher in the Rye is the greatest book of its time because it makes students who read it, even the ones who don’t like reading, want to read more.

Who is the audience of Catcher in the Rye?


Why is Holden so critical of actors?

Why is he so critical of actors? It depresses him because people get excited to go, then they have to wait in this long, terrible line. He thinks that actors aren’t authentic, and they think they act like real people, but they don’t.

What does Mr Spencer think of Holden?

Mr. Spencer speaks frankly with Holden about his poor academic performance. Holden takes Mr. Spencer’s speech in stride, but internally he rails against his teacher’s insistence that “Life is a game” and that he must learn to follow the rules.

Is Holden a phony?

Despite the fact that Jay Gatsby is without a doubt a phony, Holden Caulfield is the more phony of the two because he is a liar, a hypocrite, and covers up his true feelings. Holden Caulfield is seen as a phony due to the fact that he is a liar.

Is Holden Caulfield asexual?

Holden Caulfield from J. D. Finally, throughout the book, Holden balks at engaging in sexual situations despite stating that he does enjoy the idea of sex. Holden, between his developed asexual tendencies and avoidance of sex, is likely asexual.

Why is Holden still a virgin?

In contrast, Holden later claims that he’s still a virgin because he always stops at “No,” so what sets him apart from Stradlater and Co. is his refusal to commit what today we’d classify as sexual assault.

Who does Holden hate?

Holden mentions consistently throughout the story that what he hates the most, in general, is (quote) “phony people”. On that list many will fall such as girls, jocks, his older brother, among others.

What words do Holden hate?

Holden hates the word “grand” with a passion. To him, it’s the epitome of everything that’s false, fake, and—his favorite word—phony. It’s the kind of word that always seems to be used as a euphemism, to make something seem much better than it really is.

What does Holden hate about himself?

One of the things Holden hates the most are phonies. This is slightly ironic because Holden himself displays phony-like characteristics. Throughout the book Holden tells senseless lies simply because he feels like it and to cover up how he truly feels.

Why is Sally a phony?

Holden’s insulting words towards Sally tell us a lot more about him than they do about her. She represents everything he’s come to despise. She’s bubbly, popular, and entirely at ease with the society in which she moves so effortlessly. This makes her a “phony” in Holden’s eyes.

Many people feel that the book contains inappropriate offensive language, sexual content, occultism, and violence (“Banned Books Project”). Vulgarity is one complaint The Catcher in the Rye gets over and over again. Holden swears steadily throughout the book.

What is the cover of Catcher in the Rye?

The cover of this publication of The Catcher in the Rye represents the red hunting hat that Holden wears throughout most of his journey in the Big Apple. The Hat is a symbol of his state of mind throughout his visit. He says that he doesn’t wear it when there are people around whom he knows.

How does Holden lie to the audience?

Holden lies about his appearance to the audience by saying that he looks significantly older than he really is. Holden blatantly lies to Mrs. Morrow on the train by saying that his name is Rudolph Schmidt and proceeds to make up stories about her son, Ernest.

What chapter does Holden call himself a liar?

I’m the most terrific liar you ever saw in your life. It’s awful. Chapter 3 opens with these sentences, and their tone is ambiguous. At first glance, the superlative phrase “most terrific liar” makes it sound like Holden is boasting about his ability to lie.