Why is Tombstone better than Wyatt Earp?

Why is Tombstone better than Wyatt Earp?

To the question of which is better, Tombstone easily walks away with the crown. A great script and performances – especially from a scene-stealing Val Kilmer – make it the more entertaining biopic, while Wyatt Earp feels leaden and bloated, which isn’t helped by its 3-hour plus runtime.

Was Val Kilmer sick?

Kilmer was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2014 and went public with his illness in 2017. It’s possible that Kilmer took a break from acting due to his tracheotomy – a surgical procedure that consists of an incision in the neck and the trachea – which impacts the voice.

What’s wrong with Val Kilmer?

After years of speculation over what could be the reason behind his strange appearance and inexplicable changes to his voice, Kilmer finally confirmed in 2017 that he had in fact been battling throat cancer for several years.

Did Val Kilmer have cancer?

In December 2017, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Kilmer had gone through a “two-year battle with throat cancer” and that “a procedure on his trachea has reduced his voice to a rasp and rendered him short of breath”. Due to the cancer, Kilmer underwent chemotherapy and two tracheotomies.

What actor has throat cancer?

Actor Michael Douglas was diagnosed with stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma (an type of throat cancer) in 2010 after visiting a doctor for a persistent sore throat.

Will Val Kilmer talk again?

Speaking about his former cancer battle on Good Morning America, Val admitted that he was actually doing great after his tracheotomy. The star, who is preparing a return to the big screen, noted that the procedure made communication difficult but he was able to learn how to speak on screen once again.

Does Val Kilmer still have a tracheotomy?

The venerable actor underwent a tracheotomy which has completely altered his voice and can sometimes make communicating difficult. But Kilmer’s not letting it stop him. Kilmer not only has a role in the recently delayed “Top Gun” sequel, but he also has another forthcoming film.

Can Val Kilmer eat?

The actor – who has just released his autobiography I’m Your Huckleberry: A Memoir -says he misses eating food in the interview, and regularly watches shows Top Chef, Chef’s Table, and Ugly Delicious, longing for the time that he can eat again.

Does Val Kilmer still have a feeding tube?

In 2014, Kilmer had surgery. After surgery, his treatment plan included chemotherapy and radiation “that zapped my whole throat, and it’s still dry as a bone.” It left him with a tracheostomy tube and a feeding tube.

Is Val Kilmer part Native American?

Val Edward Kilmer (born December 31, 1959) is an American actor and film director. He is of Cherokee, English, French Huguenot, German, Native American, Scotch-Irish, Welsh and Swedish descent. He has 2 children, Mercedes Kilmer and Jack Kilmer.

What was the last movie Val Kilmer was in?

Val Kilmer has recently been cast in a new biopic Canyon Del Muerto. He’s also set to star in two other movies: Top Gun: Maverick and Pay Dirt.

Is Val Kilmer married now?

Joanne Whalleym. 1988–1996

Why did Val Kilmer lose his voice?

After a 2-year battle with throat cancer, the esteemed actor underwent a tracheotomy this year that completely altered his voice and can sometimes make communicating challenging. But Kilmer’s not going to let it hold him back. “I’m doing great, I feel a lot better than I sound,” he said during the interview.

Does Val Kilmer have a girlfriend?

Val, who has been left unable to talk properly after treatment for throat cancer, dated Daryl in 2001. He claims he hasn’t had a girlfriend since. “The truth is, I am lonely part of every day,” he said.

How much money is Val Kilmer worth?

Val Kilmer Net Worth: Val Kilmer is an American actor who has a net worth of $25 million.

How did Val Kilmer go broke?

A young Val Kilmer’s family crumbles “There’s nothing good about divorce,” Val Kilmer told The Telegraph of his own failed marriage. But the iconic film star also comes from a broken home himself. When Eugene died in 1995, Kilmer had a falling out with his older brother Mark as they battled over their father’s estate.