Why should the United States not have annexed the Philippines?

Why should the United States not have annexed the Philippines?

The United States shouldn’t have annexed the Philippines because they did it mainly to demonstrate that it was a superior country, they didn’t have the right to judge whether or not the Philippines were capable of self-government and lastly it went against the image the country wanted to uphold as a just and civilized …

Was the United States justified in annexing the Philippines?

American war strategy. Annexation of the Philippines by the United States was justified by those in the U.S. government and media in the name of liberating and protecting the peoples in the former Spanish colonies.

Why does Beveridge believe the US should annex the Philippines?

Beveridge also argues that the United States would benefit due to the strategic location of the Philippines, it being in the Pacific and near to China, as well as its rich resources. Beveridge sees the annexation of the Philippines as an obligation of the American people.

Who was against the annexation of the Philippines?

Many anti-imperialists in the United States, such as Democratic presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan, opposed U.S. annexation of the Philippines, but in November 1900 Republican incumbent William McKinley was reelected, and the war continued.

What were Beveridge’s motives and justification for United States imperialism?

Students may answer that Beveridge’s primary motive for U.S. imperialism was economic profit and his justification was a racist belief in Anglo-Saxon supremacy. Students may cite as evidence his argument that American foreign policy should operate to enhance American economic interests.

What justification does Senator Beveridge make for the American control of the Philippines?

The senator was an advocate of American imperialism. Among other goals, he supported the annexation of the Phillipines. He believed this to be justified because of the “white man’s burden”: the idea that Western, white people had the moral duty to educate other less civilized people.